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Policy Guidelines Program

The role of the Health Policy Guidelines Program is to support the development, management and publishing of guidelines, policies and procedures across NT Health. Our team promotes the use of contemporary, standardised and evidence-based “policy documents”. Where possible, we also assist document owners to progress through the development cycle towards approval, publication and implementation.

The program has developed and is currently implementing the Policy Guideline Centre (PGC) which will ultimately become the main repository for all NT Health policy, procedure and guideline documents.

Health Policy Guidelines Program

To request assistance with the development of your documents, just Ask Us or email us at

Policy Guidelines Program Systems Administrator

08 8922 8764  

  • Uploads and publishes PGC documents
  • Proofreads documents and assists with formatting and correct titling
  • Checks that documents comply with the approval requirements of their relevant jurisdiction
  • Provides PGC awareness and editors training

Policy Guidelines Program Manager  

08 8944 8085

  • Collaborates with all areas of NT Health, including executive and quality assurance committees to ensure the program is meeting needs and expectations
  • Provides PGC awareness and editors training
  • PGC System designer and troubleshooter

Clinical Librarian

08 8922 6994

  • Assists with research and referencing enquiries
  • Provides Evidence Based Practice training and advice
  • Constructs and provides assistance with literature searching
  • Provides general PGC awareness training and searching assistance



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