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Videoconferencing & Desktop Collaboration Tools: Microsoft (MS) Lync

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MS Lync

NTG Service Desk 1800 000 254

To have MS Lync installed or for IT support contact the NTG Service Desk 1800 000 254

Using MS Lync for training contact the eLearning Centre via email at or on (08) 8922 7022


Microsoft Lync

Microsoft LYNC is the NTG-wide Desktop Collaboration Tool that has been made available to staff.  Microsoft LYNC was chosen as the NTG wide solution for desktop collaboration and has been implemented across the Department.  

 Please Note: MS Lync video and audio IS NOT TO BE USED FOR clinical service delivery, sensitive or confidential material.  Video conferencing is to be used for clinical service delivery.

Pre-meeting check

Pre-meeting check

  1. All internal participants need to check their Lync is activated in ePASS – including YOU!
  2. Confirm that Lync is installed on the intended meeting computer (internal users only, external users will be prompt to download Lync Guest when they click the meeting invitation) 
  3. Send or receive a meeting request, to be used on the day to join the meeting
  4. Check your equipment and its configurations.

Equipment Required

  • Headset with microphone OR
  • Speakers and webcam (which generally come standard with built in microphones)


  • Laptops generally have built in speakers, microphones and webcams. 
  • Alternatively, use a Headset with microphone.


  • If you don’t have a microphone or speaker you can phone in; a number is included in the meeting invitation. 
  • On NTG phones ensure you speaker is on for hands free and turn your mic on when you want to speak. 

A pre-test is recommended on equipment to ensure it is setup and working correctly.
For assistance – phone NTG Help desk 1800 000 254


To schedule a group meeting using MS Lync, open your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and click ‘New Online Meeting’. Select a date and time and invite those who you wish to participate. A link will be generated in the email invitation and participants will need to click on the link when the meeting is due to begin.

If you are signing on to a new computer or one that has recently been upgraded to Windows 7, you may find that your contacts aren’t loading into MS Lync. If this happens, try restarting your computer or waiting for an hour or so. If they still aren’t loading, call the NTG HelpDesk on 1800 000 254 for a reboot of your MS Lync profile.

Check that the volume on your computer and / or speakers is turned up or try plugging in a headset (headphones). Check your audio settings under ‘Lync Options’ (the cog icon in the top left hand corner of your Lync window). If your computer is linked to an overhead projector or SMARTBoard, you may need to turn them on for sound to come through. If you still can't hear them, they may not have their microphone set up correctly. See 'Why can't they hear me?' below.

Some computers have a built in microphone, others require an external device for making calls such as a webcam or a headset. To adjust your microphone settings, go to ‘Lync Options’ (the cog icon in the top left hand corner of your Lync window). It's also a good idea to check that you don't have your microphone on mute.

Go to ‘Lync Options’ (the cog icon in the top left hand corner of your Lync window) and click on ‘Personal’, then tick the box that says ‘Automatically start Lync when I log on to Windows’.

You can buy affordable webcams from various office supply and technology shops around the NT. Microsoft brand webcams are a good choice as they work seamlessly with MS Lync.

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