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Draft update to Nursing Guide

Clinical Skills Trial until 30th November 2022

Clinical Skills on trial
Clinical Skills is accessible through the ClinicalKey for Nursing platform, and it's a training tool designed to support nurses and other clinicians perform skills and procedures with confidence. All skills are cyclically updated online and ANZ skills are mapped to the RN Standards for Practice (AUS), EN Standards for Practice (AUS) and Competencies for Registered Nurses (NZ). 

Trial ends 30 November 2022.
Please let us know what you think, submit your feedback by 1 December 2022.

Nursing Books

Nursing Books



» Search our complete e-Book collection by title or subject: AccessMedicine, ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey Nursing

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Nursing Journals

Nursing Journals



» Browse Browzine for all journals on Nursing by title or subject or explore one the key titles above.


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Nursing Tools & Calculators

Specialised calculators covering topics such as: body metrics, cardiology, critical care, drug and medicines, hematology, infectious disease, neurology, pediatrics and more.

• ClinicalKey for Nursing Calculators 

• Therapeutic Guidelines Calculators 

• UpToDate Calculators

Medication Tools
Practical information for health professionals, about the safe administration of medicines. Including information on safe administration of medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or who have difficulty swallowing.

MIMS Online - Don't Rush to Crush Handbook

Clinical Overviews
Comprehensive clinical topic summaries covering a wide range of specialisations.

• ClinicalKey for Nursing


Care Plans
Guides and care plans available to assist in diagnoses, client problems, expected outcomes, and nursing interventions and rationales.

Nursing Reference Centre

Resource Spotlight


Lippincott Procedures provides access for up to 450 evidence based procedures and skills and is a comprehensive reference source for nursing staff, providing instructions for equipment, preparation and implementation.  The content is searchable alphabetically, by discipline or category, or via a search to identify a particular procedure.

Lippincott Procedures is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and the content of each procedure aligns to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.


The JBI Evidence Based Practice Database provides access to systematic reviews, recommended practices and evidence summaries. It is a valuable resource for finding reliable evidence appropriate for use in clinical guidelines and procedures.

JBI also offers tools useful for conducting clinical audits (JBI PACES) or systematic reviews (JBI SUMARI)

  • For database training, or to seek further assistance in navigating JBI please contact the Health Library on 8922 8961


ClinicalKey Nursing provides access to current evidence-based information in the form of nursing texts, journals, practice guidelines, clinical overviews, drug information, patient handouts and more.

It is the perfect go to resource for nurses undertaking post graduate study, looking for the latest evidence to support a change in practice, writing guidelines and procedures, or to build educational courses in MyLearning.

Key Databases for Nursing

Finding Books in the Library

Browse the Library's physical collection by using the following call numbers:

362 - Social Welfare Problems and Services
610 - Nursing/Nursing Skills
612 - Anatomy & Physiology
613 - Health Promotion
615 - Diseases
617 - Medical Surgical & Perioperative Nursing
618 - Maternal Newborn Nursing/Paediatrics
808 - Writing Skills & Referencing

Resource Delivery Tutorial

Featured below is a tutorial on how to use the Resource Delivery Service the library provides. If you have any further queries once viewing the tutorial please contact the library for further assistance on 8922 8961.