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Institutional Repositories and Health Libraries

Marketing Strategies in Health Libraries

Libraries and COVID-19



The Library Services Journal Club has been created as a way of implementing research into our own practice supporting the Library's vision of informing the delivery of world class healthcare to Territorians, through expertise, evidence and innovation.


  • To share information and develop critical appraisal skills within the EBP process
  • Continuing professional development to keep up-to-date with the latest research
  • To improve the application of research into practice


  • The Journal Club is being held monthly, with a presenter leading a discussion on a chosen article. Articles and presentations are made available on this webpage after each session.

November 2021 : Libraries and chat services

Meert-Williston, D., & Sandieson, R. (2019). Online chat reference: Question type and the implication for staffing in a large academic libraryThe Reference Librarian60(1), 51-61.

September 2021 : Library Spaces

Gina Velli. (2020). Medical Library Redesign & Refurbishment: a case study from PAH Library & Knowledge Centre during the Covid-19 Pandemic. J Hea Info Lib Aust. 2020;1(3):40-48

June 2021 : Institutional Repositories and Health Libraries

Fay, B , Deal, J , Budzisz, V, (2017). An Institutional Repository Experience at a Large Health Care System. Med Ref Serv Q. Jul-Sep 2017;36(3):280-291

May 2021 : Marketing Strategies in Health Libraries

Clark, H. (2021). Outreach marketing may be a successful strategy for NHS libraries. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 38(1), 61–65  

Standout quote :  …every transaction carried out by the library or any interaction with potential library users is a promotional tool. If not done successfully, you are tarnishing the reputation of the library.

April 2021 : Libraries and COVID-19

Haugh, D. (2021). Communicating with medical library users during COVID-19. Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, Jan 1;109(1):107-111