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Literature Review Writing: Select a Topic

Your Topic

Ideas for literature review topics come from a number of sources - such as interest in a particular area of work, by discussing issues with peers and by reading the literature. 

Choose a topic you are interested in and one that has been researched by others so you have articles to review.

When thinking about a topic, it is important to consider the following: 

  • What are your interests and will this interest be maintained for the duration of the research?
  • Who will be interested in this research?
  • Is the scope wide enough to be able to ascertain a particular niche?
  • Is the scope so broad that it will lose direction?

Useful Books

Library Services to Support writing a Literature Review

  • Assistance with developing or refining your topic
  • Identifying existing literature on a topic
  • Recommend appropriate research databases to search
  • Review search strategies to ensure relevant studies are identified
  • Advice or reference management strategy
  • Advice on locating the fulltext (PDFs) of articles