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Videoconferencing & Desktop Collaboration Tools: Teleconferencing


NTG Voice Communications team: (08) 8924 3817

Library Services: (08) 8922 8961

Teleconference with Polycom Duo

Polycom Duo teleconferencing system is a dual mode analog/IP conference phone used for teleconferencing. It boasts crystal clear voice clarity, ideal for both small and large meetings.

It can also be used to support eLearning within the Department, including real-time online training sessions and remote collaboration where video conferencing is not available.


The Polycom Duo Teleconference System can connect up to twenty different callers through a teleconference bridge.

For calls connecting up to three parties, no action is required. Simply call the first party, place them on hold then call the next party and bring the first caller back into the conference.

For more than three callers a bridge services needs to be arranged. Requests for teleconferencing bridge services should be directed to the NTG Voice Communications team on 8924 3817.

Yes. You can connect to NTG internal, local and interstate calls using the Polycom Duo Teleconference System

The Library has one Conference system that can be connected in any of the training rooms.