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Finding Health Statistics: Websites

Finding Health Statistics Help Guide


Australian Websites

Source Description Some of the Statistics Listed

Australian Drug Foundation

A selection of useful Australian and international websites and publications, which provide detailed statistics related to alcohol and other drugs.

  • Australian Secondary School Students' Surveys
  • National Opioid & Pharmacotherapy
Australian Federation of Aids Organisations  HIV Statistics in Australia
  • HIV Statistics
Australian Human Rights Commission Human rights: everyone, everywhere, everyday. 
  • Overview of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia
  • The Health and Well-being of Children in Immigration      
HealthStats NSW An interactive, web-based application that allows users to access data and tailor reports about the health of the New South Wales (NSW) population for their own use.
  • Alcohol
  • Healthy Eating
  • Communicable and Infections
Queensland Health Collects, processes, analyses and disseminates statistics on the health of Queenslanders and their use of health services. 
  • Prenatal Data
  • Hospital Admitted Patient Data
  • Chronic Diseases Survey 

Data SA  SA helps citizens, businesses, entrepreneurs and industry discover openly licensed data so that it can be transformed into ideas, applications and visualisations which benefit the community.
  • Public Hospitals Total Number of Inpatient Days per quarter
  • Hospital Emergency Department Presentations
SA Health SA Health reports statistics on a range of areas including health risk factors, mental illness, population groups, the performance of hospital and health care services, safety and quality and public health.
  • Alcohol and Drug
  • Aboriginal Health outcome
  • Pregnancy Outcomes
  • Public Health
  • Women's Health
Tasmania - Department of Health and Human Services  Epidemiology (study of diseases in populations) looks at the distribution and determinants of health and diseases, morbidity, injuries, disability and mortality in populations.
  • Health Indicators Tasmania
  • State of Public Health 
  • Population Health Survey Report

Health Status of Victorians Collects information about the health status of the Victorian population to inform policy development and assist planning efforts to improve health services.
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Health Strategies
  • Biennial Health Report 

WA - Population Health Statistics Collection and analysis of a wide range of population health data.
  • Health Status of the Western Australian Community
  • Health Disparities of Various Population Sub-groups
WA - Publications and Reports Government of Western Australia Department of Health 
  • Health and Wellbeing of Young Adults in WA  2002–2005 
  • Inaugural Report of the Western Australian Trauma Registry 2003

International Websites

Source Description Some of the Statistics Listed
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Confronting global disease threats through advanced computing and lab analysis of huge amounts of data to quickly find solutions.

  • Alcohol Use
  • Genomics
  • Life Expectancy
  • Obesity        

World Databank

Contains data for countries and country groups on health, nutrition and population statistics.

  • Health, Nutrition and Population 

Europe World Health Organisation 

European Counties statistical information. 

  • Health Systems in Translation a Publication for each European Country 

Health Survey for England

Providing the facts about our health, fitness and lifestyle since 1991

  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Obesity
  • Social Care 

UK Hospital Episode Statistics

Containing details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances at NHS hospitals in England.

  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures
  • Payment by Results 

Information Services Division Scotland

SD provides health information, health intelligence, statistical services and advice.

  • Detect Cancer Early Staging Data
  • Delayed Discharges
  • Audit of Critical Care in Scotland 

Health in Canada

Data from the Canadian government's Health Statistics Division

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Obesity 

United States Census Bureau

The Census Bureau's mission is to serve as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy.

  • Mental Health
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • National Survey of Children's Health

Singapore Health Statistics 

Contains statistical information on the population and vital statistics in Singapore, principal causes of death, health facilities, health manpower, childhood immunisation, government health expenditure, etc.

  • Causes of death
  • Health Facilities
  • Preventative Health Screening
  • Disease Burden