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Videoconferencing & Desktop Collaboration Tools: WebEx

WebEx Resources

For WebEx support call the Helpdesk 1800 000 254

Pre-meeting check

Pre-meeting check

  1. The meeting creator needs to have activated WebEx in their ePASS 
  2. Send or receive a meeting request, to be used on the day to join the meeting
  3. Check your equipment and its configurations.
Equipment Required
  • Headset with microphone OR
  • Speakers and webcam (which generally come standard with built in microphones)
  • Laptops generally have built in speakers, microphones and webcams. 
  • Alternatively, use a Headset with microphone.
  • If you don’t have a microphone or speaker you can phone in; a number is included in the meeting invitation. 
  • On NTG phones ensure you speaker is on for hands free and turn your mic on when you want to speak. 
A pre-test is recommended on equipment to ensure it is setup and working correctly.
For Further Information see: NTG WebEx Collaborative Meeting Service
For assistance – phone NTG Help desk 1800 000 254


To host a meeting in WebEx you will first need to activate your WebEx account in Epass.

Change User Details and Access    -    Standard Services       -       WebEx Meeting Host (Activate)

You can use the NTG WebEx web portal to create a new meeting or join a meeting.

You only need the WebEx Productivity Tools software installed onto your computer if you want to be able to schedule meetings through Microsoft Outlook (submit this request though NTG service Catalogue).

If you start or join a WebEx meeting on a computer without WebEx Meeting Centre (Productivity Tools) installed, download the temporary files and click NO when prompted for an Administrative password.

You must be logged on to the NTG computer under your own name, not a generic account, WebEx does not recognise generic accounts. 

If all of the above fails, logout then log back in, and / or call NTG Service Centre. 


Yes, you can record meeting video, audio and content allowing for playback of meeting or sharing with with others. See WebEx Quick Guide for instructions on recording. Recordings will take up to 30 minutes after a session has finished to become available. The host or alternative host of the session must join and remain in the meeting for the entirety of the session for the recording functionality to work. 

Recording retention is yet to be determined. 

Some computers have a built in microphone, others require an external device for making calls such as a webcam, headset or a phone. If the other call participant(s) cannot hear you, make sure your microphone is properly connected and not muted - you can do this by going into your computers 'Control Panel', choosing 'Sound' and then the 'Recording' tab. 

From WebEx ensure you have hit the button 'Connected to Audio' and follow the prompts.

If your microphone is working and they still can't hear you, they may not have their speakers set up correctly. 

The other caller may not have a webcam or they may have their video feed turned off.

Yes, you can still make calls, however they will be voice only calls

You can buy affordable webcams from various office supply and technology shops around the NT.

Download the mobile app via the Apple iOS, Android or Windows App Store.

  • Non NTG users can attend the meeting from anywhere in the world
  • The meeting can be recorded and shared with participants
  • Its behind NTGs firewall, so its secure and encrypted
  • Participants can bring their own device

Record a Meeting

Join Meeting AS an Attendee