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Images & Videos: Can I use that picture?

Help guide to finding and using images, videos and other multimedia


Can I use that picture?

Downloading images from a new or unfamiliar website? Read the site's copyright/usage policies first! Some websites allow free usage of their images, while others require that you ask permission or pay a fee.

Use the 'Can I use that Picture' flow chart below to help you work out whether you can use an image or not. (Click to see a larger image.)

Source: Can I use that picture? Revised and [simplified], The Visual Communication Guy

More Information

How do I acknowledge a source?

When acknowledging an image source (also called a citation or an attribution) you should follow the bibliographic style you are using for your text e.g. APA, MLA, Harvard. (See our Referencing Help Guide for more information about bibliographic styles.)

At the very least, you should cite the name of the image, the creator and / or the website where you found it. For example:

3D graphical representation of a generic influenza virion’s ultrastructure, CDC Public Health Image Library