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Images & Videos: MyLearning Rules

Help guide to finding and using images, videos and other multimedia


Use of images & videos in MyLearning

The NT Health learning management system 'MyLearning' has some additional rules when using images and videos from external sources

MyLearning requires that any images / videos you use in your course must be freely available to use for any purpose, including commercial use and / or you must be the copyright owner or have purchased the rights to use the image.

Images / videos from library resources and Google images marked for 'non-commercial' use can only be used in MyLearning courses that meet the following requirements:

  • Course is restricted to NT Health staff only

  • Publishing approval form for the course (signed by relevant delegate) must state that:

Images from subscribed resources and / or Google search were used in the course and that course must never be opened up to people outside of NT Health, must never be charged for, must never be on-sold and must never be set up as self-enrol, unless copyright for those images or videos is purchased or express permission is sought from the copyright owner to use them for the stated purpose.

NOTE: It is still okay to link to an image or video. The above rules apply to images / videos that you wish to add directly to the course.


For queries related to using images / videos in MyLearning, contact:

Department of Corporate and Digital Development

(08) 8999 4448