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Images & Videos: FAQs

Help guide to finding and using images, videos and other multimedia

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my video working inside my Power Point?

You need WiFi or 4G connection for your embedded video to play. Check that you are connected to the internet.


Will YouTube work within the NT Health environment or will it be blocked?

YouTube videos are now accessible to NT Health staff for educational purposes. As long as you have an internet connection you can view You Tube videos.


How can I play YouTube embedded content in remote locations where internet connections are not reliable?

If you plan to place the embedded content onto a USB or DVD you will need to seek permission from the copyright owner before doing so. Seek permission in writing so that you have evidence if you ever need to prove permission was granted.


Can I use images I have paid for in educational materials that will be used by non NT Health people paying for course attendance?

You should check the vendor site for the terms of the licence when using the image for commercial purpose at the time of purchase. The licence conditions should be checked for each individual image that is to be used. If you are planning to sell a training package you should also check with Media and Corporate Communications and the Learning & Development Team to ensure the content conforms to NT Health requirements and policy.


Will terms of use for image purchase be automatically provided or will I need to ask for this?

Usually the purchase will be made through an image subscription database which will give you specific terms of use for your licence. The terms of use should be available at the time of purchase, as well as in the subscription details that can be checked at a later date if required.


I am having trouble finding how to reference images, where can I find help?

If you are using a referencing style such as MLA or Harvard then you can look in our Referencing Help Guide .

If you are not using a particular referencing style, you may find helpful information about acknowledging  a source on the Images and Video Help Guide page Can I use that Picture?.


Are there NTG standards for using images and videos in digital resources or publications?

A digital toolkit is available advising the correct use of images, tables and videos within a digital environment. This toolkit offers practical suggestions on how to create, upload or embed multimedia that will meet NTG style standards. Click NTG web content formatting guidance to access.


I want to use a photograph that a NT Health staff member shot while at work in a remote location. There are two people in it. Can I use this image?

The two people in the photograph will need to complete a Talent Release Form before you are authorised to use the image. Contact Media and Corporate Communications to arrange this by email: or Phone: 89 992857.



Can I use a DVD format that was originally converted from a VHS tape in a workshop I am running. I am unable to contact the producers as the media is over 30 years old?

If you are only using the DVD in a workshop / educational environment this should be fine. If however you decide to play it in a wider public audience you will need to seek permission from the copyright owner. More Information regarding Copyright can be found at the Australian Copyright Council



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