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Referencing Style Guide & Tools: Zotero


Zotero is a project of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the development of software and services for researchers and cultural heritage institutions, and is developed by a global community

Zotero is an open source (freely available)  software package that will assist you to collect, store, organise and use your references. References can be entered into Zotero manually, or they can be transferred into Zotero from journal databases and web pages. References can be inserted from Zotero into Word documents via a Word plug-in that automatically installs with the software.  A bibliography (reference list) can be created in the referencing style of your choice and also inserted at the bottom of your document. 

Zotero Desktop 

To have Zotero installed on an NTG asset, simply request from the IT Service Catalogue > Request Something > Non Microsoft Software - All Agencies, complete and submit the form. This software has been approved across all NTG agencies (currently version

Zotero Syncing

Creating a Zotero online account will enable you to access your Zotero library on any computer, iPad or mobile device.

To register for a free account:

  • Go to Zotero and click the Login link at the top right of the page and complete the form details.
  • Validate your account using the email account that you register with. (A link will be sent to this email)
  • You should be ready to login via the Zotero login page

Zotero Groups

Groups allow collaboration either publicly or privately with other project members. You have the option to share your own sources with others, or discover what other researchers with similar projects may be using as their sources of information. For more information watch the quick info clip here

Zotero Guides

Contact the library on 8922 8961 for additional information or guidance on using Zotero.

Endnote versus Zotero

Zotero - A quick Introduction

Using Zotero with WORD