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About this guide

This guide has been written as a resource for NT Health staff.

The particular focus is on providing referencing information to students writing assignments or Departmental staff submitting articles for publication. Correct referencing is essential to avoid plagiarism and ensure authors receive credit for their work.

Please Note: This guide provides general, introductory information only, please consult your lecturer or publisher for their specific requirements.                                                                                                                                     

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This will depend on the style of formatting required, please see examples below for some of the more common styles:



Author, A. (Year). Title. Retrieved Date Accessed, from http://Website URL


Author, Initial Year, Title, viewed Day Month Year, <url>.


Author Surname, Author Forename. 'Title'. N.p., Year Published. Web. Date Accessed.


1. Author A. Title [Internet]. Year Published [cited Date Accessed]. Available from: http://Website URL


A DoI is a Digital Object Identifier.  It is a code used internationally to identify electronic documents or content and provides more stable access than a URL.

When referencing electronic publications which have a DoI, include it in your reference.  If no DoI is available, in most cases use the URL.  The exact placement and formatting will depend on the style. 

For example APA style uses the following:

Author, A.A. (year). Title of article. Title of Journal, xx(n), pp-pp. doi:10.xxxxxx

And Vancouver style uses:

23. Author, A. Title of article. Title of Journal. Year; vol (edition):pp-pp. doi:10.xxxx/.