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Referencing Style Guide & Tools: NT Health Guidelines


Referencing NT Health Guidelines

Policy document (PGC) templates require references are listed where content has been sourced and referred to in policies, guidelines and procedures.

References can be added by the document editor in any of the referencing styles relevant to the document being written as there is no specified style set by NT Health that must be used. See Referencing Styles for some suggestions.

NT Health Clinical documents also require Grading Evidence. Library can assist with the completion of the Evidence Table if you are unsure of the type or level that has been used. Please contact us at or phone 8922 8961

Additional information and assistance with document editing or writing can be found at Policy Management on the NT Health Intranet.

Policy Guideline Centre (PGC)

Policy Guideline Centre (PGC)

NT Health policy, procedure and guideline register.