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Connecting to Mobile Resources: MSD Manual (Merck)

Connecting to Mobile Resources Help Guide

About MSD Manual

MSD Manual is a multi resource App that provides free access to the Merck Manual as well as Clinical calculators, Videos, Case studies, Quizzes and more.


MSD Manual (Merck)
The MSD Manual for Apple or Android App gives quick easy access to a number of important medical resources such as:
  • The Merck Manual (a comprehensive medical resource for medical professionals and students)
  • Videos
  • Clinical calculators
  • Resources (Case studies, Quizzes, 3D models, Images, Conversion tables and more)
  • Once installed, this app requires an internet connection. 
  1. Using your mobile device, go to the App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or the Play Store / Market (Android) and search for 'MSD manual'.
  2. Download the MSD Manual app.
  3. Open / launch the app.
  4. The app is now ready to use.