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Connecting to Mobile Resources: EBSCOMobileApp

Connecting to Mobile Resources Help Guide

About EBSCO Mobile App

EBSCOHost provides access to an extensive range of research databases, that in turn allow you to search across thousands of full-text journals and electronic books.

EBSCO Mobile App

The EBSCO Mobile app allows you to conveniently search any of the EBSCOHost databases from your smartphone.
EBSCOHost databases include:
  • Health Business
  • Medline
  • Psychology & Behavioural Sciences collection
  • PsycINFO
  • Soc INDEX
 Not only can you run a search from your smartphone, you can also view, save and email articles in PDF format, where fulltext is available. Note Search functionality and Filters are still being developed - for full functionality it is recommended that EBSCOhost is accessed through a web browser or ipad.
This app requires an internet connection to run.
Setting up using your mobile device:
  1. Download the EBSCO App for iOS and Android devices from the iTunes App store or Google Play
  2. After opening the EBSCO App, use the Find my Library to locate 'Department of Health NT' and click Next.
  3. Tap Continue to allow the app to continue to sign you in
  4. Enter your LAN login credentials when prompted
  5. You only need to log in to the app once. The app remembers your login credentials and you are automatically authenticated for future sessions.