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Connecting to Mobile Resources: PsychiatryOnline

Connecting to Mobile Resources Help Guide


Access PsychiatryOnline resources remotely (off-site) via your personal computer or mobile device. PsychiatryOnline is a fully responsive site and will adapt to fit your viewing device.
You will need an internet connection to view content. These instructions will work on Apple and Android devices without an App.
  1. Select “Sign In” on the top right of the PsychiatryOnline site menu bar near the search bar.
  2. On the next screen select “New User”. 
  3. Complete the registration form using your NTG email address
  4. On the device that you would like to pair, login to your MyPOL account on using the “Sign In” box at the top right of the site menu bar near the search bar
  5. When you are successfully logged in the person icon will change from white to blue and your name will now display in the area where “Sign In” was previously
  6. Click on your name and select “Profile” from the drop-down menu. This will take you to your MyPOL account settings.
  7. Within the “My Account” menu on the left-hand side, navigate to “Device Pairing” and select “Pair a new device” button. This area will also show any devices you currently have paired. 
  8. Select Northern Territory Health
  9. Next, enter/ confirm a unique name for the device you wish to pair and then request the authorization email by selecting the button titled “Send authorization email to pair this device.” 
  10. Once you receive the email, click the confirmation link to begin access to PsychiatryOnline content remotely via your device. (there is a 10 minute expiry to the confirmation email)

Setting up PsychiatryOnline