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How to Book a Training Room in Outlook

This page provides instructions on how to book a library training room through your Outlook Calendar.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact your nearest health library for assistance.


How to book a room

  1. Create a new appointment for your meeting/training in your Outlook calendar
  2. Click ‘Invite Attendees’ and then ‘Rooms’
  3. Select the required room from the list and click ‘ok’
  • RDH B4GF Library Boardroom
  • RDH B4 GF Library Room 2
  • RDH B4 GF Library Room 3
  • RDH B4 GF Library Room 4
  • ASH Liebig GF Library Training Room

       4. Click ‘Scheduling Assistant’ to see room availability

       5. If room is available at requested time, add start and end time and any additional information and then click ‘Send’.

       6. Your booking will be approved automatically where no other bookings are found in the Outlook calendar for the date and time requested.

Need time to set up?

If you require time to set up prior to your meeting or training session, please ensure that you include this extra time in your booking as there are often back-to-back bookings in the same room.

Need help?

If you need help making a room booking please contact your nearest health library for assistance.

How to find the Library

New to the hospital campus and not sure where you need to go? Click on the map links below to find your way to the library.