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LIBRARY WEBSITE: Australian Standards (Tech Street)

In this Guide...

In this Guide...

Accessing standards 

Viewing and/or downloading standards 

Printing standards 


Accessing Australian Standards


To access Australian Standards, you will need register for an account with TechStreet with the following steps:

  1. Go to The TechStreet account creation page and complete the required fields. The Corporate Key required for registration can be viewed via a linked document on the Health Library Intranet page (You will only be able to view this document when logged into an NTG asset or when using the Access NTG portal.)
  2. You will receive an email requesting you to set a password.  
  3. To login to Tech Street go to the NT Health Library website at
  4. Click on the Databases A-Z breadcrumb situated underneath the search box. 
  5. Scroll down section 'A' and select Australian Standards Online
  6. Login with your email address and password 
  7. Once logged in, type the number or keyword of the standard that you need into the search bar at the top of the page. You can also use keywords like 'laser' to find standards relating to a subject. 
  8. When you have found the Standard you need, click on the document number to view details. 
  9. You have the option to view online, or download and save the Standard.  You will need to have FileOpen installed on your computer to  download and view the pdf document. (See the FileOpen instructions in the 'Viewing and/or downloading standards' tab).
  10. To print a a Standard, please see the 'Printing standards' tab.
  11. Please note that the Standards do not expire once downloaded, however you should check if the version that you are using is current.

Once you have found the standard you need you can choose to either view or download it.

Viewing Standards

You can view the standard by clicking on the 'View Online' button.

Downloading standards with FileOpen

In order to download a standard you will need FileOpen to be installed on your computer.

1. Request FileOpen from the NTG IT Service Catalogue. Select 'Request Something' and then select 'Non-Microsoft  Software - All Agencies'.

2. Complete and submit the form with your details and the asset number for the computer you want the software installed on.

3. The IT Service Centre will send you instructions when the software has been deployed to the asset.

4. Once FileOpen is installed you can proceed to the 'Download" button to access the standard.

Standards can only be printed once they have been downloaded using FileOpen. You will not be able to print documents if you are viewing the Standard through the 'View Online' option.

To Print:

First Click the 'Download' button

Once the document has downloaded, select the printer icon , choose the printer you want to send the document to and click the print button.

Alternatively, in your browser go to the File tab and select print, choose the printer you want to send the document to and click the print button

FileOpen and Google Chrome

If you are using the Chrome browser and unable to open documents please visit this Tech Street page for instructions on how to change Chrome settings to enable viewing

FileOpen and Microsoft Edge

If you are downloading and you cannot see the document open you may need to go to your download folder to open the document. In your Windows Folder navigate to Downloads and right click on the file name, then choose Open 

FileOpen does not open the document in Microsoft Edge or Chrome

If you are using an NTG asset you will need to log a ticket with the Service Centre to have the problem investigated. You can do this through the Help Line 1800 000 254 or by email

FileOpen does not allow printing Standards

There may be a need to adjust settings in your computer to enable the printing feature of File Open

Go to:


Click on Program Files

Click on FileOpen

Click on Services 

Double click on FileOpenBroker64.exe

If you still cannot print after following this instruction please log an IT issue request with the HelpDesk

Locked account

If you have had 3 unsuccessful attempts to login to your Tech Street account your account will be locked.  Use the 'Forgot password' link on the login page to reset your password. (You will need to reset your password with something not previously used).