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LIBRARY WEBSITE: Research Toolkit


Research Toolkit

The Research Toolkit provides links to a selection of resources that will assist those working on research projects. 

You do not need to finish step one before moving on to step two or three. You can start writing your paper when you begin gathering literature sources and adjust your searching and writing as you continue to work through the research process.





Developing your idea as you find supporting literature


Once you have developed your proposal you can submit your ethics application


Investigate sources of funding (if necessary)

Available courses to tap into


Conduct your research


Tell people about your research

Find background literature using Library databases

How to navigate the Research Databases

Identify research gap/need

Locate data sources

Find collaborators

Plan and write your literature review

Manage citations 

Prepare data management plan

Data management plans and toolkits

Working with data

Find research design methodology resources

Privacy/data security

Ethics - NT Health

Ethics - free online training

Research Governance

Research Data (NT Health - Intranet access only)

Identify grant funding opportunities

Find alternative funding sources

Mendeley Funding (Requires free account)

Available Courses / Training

Good Clinical Practice

Learn about clinical trials 

Conducting a clinical trial 

Clinical Trials Toolkit

Conducting other clinical research

Conducting a Cochrane systematic review

Conducting a survey (Qld Health)

Conducting a cohort study

Retrospective Studies and Chart Reviews

Statistical Analysis


Publishing process

Select a journal to publish in

About open access

Identify open access journals

Create a research profile

Getting published - Equator network

Manage copyright

Deposit work as a pre-print in digital repository

Knowledge translation