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Research Organisations in the NT

Research conducted in the Northern Territory explores effective and efficient approaches to promoting the health of Territorians. This page provides a list of active research organisations in the NT and their research outputs.

Featured Publications


There are 12 active research organisations in the Northern Territory. See list below including publications, published research articles, current projects, annual reports and more.



The Aboriginal Medical Health Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) is the peak body for Aboriginal controlled community health services in the NT and advocates for health equity and also supports high quality primary health care for Indigenous people.



Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Central Australia

Located in Alice Springs, the Baker Institute was founded in 2007 becoming the second health and medical research institute to be located in the Northern Territory and the first in Central Australia. It was established to help address the profound disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal people in central Australia and throughout the Northern Territory. This is done through scientific research which is rigorous, culturally appropriate and ethically sound.

Research Programs

Corporate Reports

CDU Research Outputs & Opportunities

Charles Darwin University has access to a range of publications produced by researchers at the university. This also encompasses forming partnerships with business and government, including research training and educational providers. In addition, annual reports are available.

Health Publications

Annual Reports


Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Incorporated

For over 40 years Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (Congress) has provided support and advocacy for Aboriginal people. Congress has expanded to become the largest Aboriginal community-controlled health organisation in the NT. Congress has a strong commitment to research at the strategic and operational level. It provides comprehensive and cultural appropriate health services for Aboriginal people living in or nearby Alice Springs.

Aboriginal Health Research

Policy and Publications

Central Australia Academic Health Science Network

CAAHSC was formally established in 2014 to promote collaboration between Aboriginal community controlled and government-run health services, universities and medical research institutes working to improve health outcomes for people living in central Australia and Barkly regions.

Current Projects


Centre for Remote Health

The centre is a University Department of Rural Health (UDRH) and is located in Alice Springs, NT. It has brought tertiary education and research presence in the health field to Central Australia. It has an affiliation with JBI (Joanna Briggs Institute) based on evidence based practice. It has established a collaborative research network and had a comprehensive list of publications compiled by researchers. The primary aim is to support communities in research and the research process.


Current Projects

Research Education

Flinders Research Outputs

Administered by Flinders University Library, the FAC institutional repository showcases the research outputs of Flinders University staff. There a variety of research projects which are affiliated and linked to NT health. The aim is to be a centre for innovative health research, education and workforce development in the NT. This includes the NT regional training hub.

Governance/Annual Report

Research Projects

Hot North

HOT NORTH promotes a number of activities that promote the improvement of health outcomes across the tropical north of Australia. The first three years of funding has provided for the establishment of 97 pilot/translation projects and funded individual fellowships, scholarships, and Indigenous Development and Training Awards for researchers and health professionals. The funded researchers have formed collaborations.

Impact Report

Translation Projects/Funding Opportunities

Lowitja Institute

The institute is based on priorities identified by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It aims to produce high impact tools, resources and research which can have a positive impact on the future of Indigenous health. It fosters engagement between a variety of stakeholders including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, government, medical research and educational facilities.



Annual Reports


Menzies School of Health Research

Menzies works on the frontline of research partnering with more than 60 Indigenous communities across Northern Australia, including other areas of research. It provides a range of publications and areas of focus with a strong evidence base.

Indigenous and Other Research

Major Stakeholders

Case Studies


Spinifex Network

The Rural Health and Medical Research Network – the Spinifex Network – is a consortium and coalition of more than 50 rural and regional health organisations across Australia.  Spinifex works to improve the health of regional, rural and remote Australians by identifying detailed rural research priorities and measurable targets.

Rapid Reviews


Tangentyere Council

The Tangentyere Research Hub has Aboriginal researchers who both undertake research and provide training and assistance to Town Camp residents to be part of that research process, both in terms of setting its direction and in gathering research information.



Research Services & Tools


Research toolkit provides links for those working on research projects

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