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November 2022 - Knowledge translation in 5 ways

During November, knowledge and library specialists showcase the many ways they mobilise evidence and knowledge. We enable you to learn before, during and after everything you do so that good practice is applied and pitfalls avoided! 

The library facilitates knowledge translation in 5 ways that contributes to quality patient care:


We provide evidence-based resources to improve decision making in patient care

Our evidence-based resources are accessible via your desktop or on the go via your device



We support journal clubs to improve the level of evidence incorporated into practice

View the Starting a Journal Club Help Guide for current ideas and tips to get the best outcomes when running a journal club. Contact a librarian for more information or to book an appointment.



We value add to research databases through the delivery of expert training

Training workshops can be tailored to suit specific needs and be booked for small groups and delivered in the library, at your workplace or online via MS TEAMS. Check session times and content covered in the workshops.



We provide the latest evidence for policies, program development and patient care through expert literature searches 

Place a request online via the Literature Search request form and we will conduct a search on your behalf and send the best articles directly to your inbox. Asking a librarian saves you time, evidence is delivered to your desktop!



We maximise access to NT Health Aboriginal health resources through digitisation

Explore NT Health Aboriginal health reports, publications and research on ePublications and stay informed.

View these helpful guides curated by NT Health Library Services

November 2022 - Working together to achieve best practice

Supporting infection prevention and management across NT Health
Library Services offer support for staff writing or reviewing policies, guidelines and procedures. Many staff have already utilised the expertise and evidence the library can provide through
literature searches , A-Z databaseselectronic journals and training from our specialised librarians.
Mary-Rose Godsell is the Senior Nursing Advisor, Infection Prevention & Management (IPM) at Royal Darwin Hospital. Over the past two years, Mary-Rose has worked with NT Health library staff to access evidence based resources to inform the infection prevention and control programs in NT Health. Part of her role involves coordinating the update and amalgamation of multiple infection prevention policies and guidelines to develop current NT Health policy documents. Mary-Rose utilised the librarians to conduct evidence-based literature reviews to find the latest evidence. Mary-Rose organised customised education from the library staff for all NT IPM staff on how to research and understand the levels of evidence-based literature. Mary-Rose has appreciated the efficiency, support and friendliness of the staff at library services. Working together we achieve best practice!


October 2022 - Supporting clinicians working for Mental Health Services

Supporting clinicians working for Mental Health Services
Femi Ogeleye is a Consultant Psychiatrist with the Katherine Mental Health Services and is a frequent user of both the online library and the Darwin Health Library. Femi has used the library over the past three years to source the latest evidence and information to set up a new Mental Health Liaison Service within the Katherines Hospital Emergency Department to treat patients on country and reduce stressful and expensive retrievals to Darwin. Femi describes the Darwin library as “an oasis of calm in the centre of a very busy hospital.”

If you have never been to one of the Health libraries in your region or visited our online library collection of evidence–based resources, take a look today and see how the library can support you in your professional role.

September 2022 - Medication survey project results published

Medication survey project results published
Library Services would like to congratulate two of their staff - Marg Purnell and Mary Byrne, who recently had the results of their medication information resources project published.

This was a joint project undertaken with Amali Ford and Michelle Ramos (RDH Medication Safety team) to support NSQHS Standard 4 Medication Safety, hospital accreditation and to evaluate usage and satisfaction of current medication resource subscriptions across NT Health.

Read the full article to find out what our most used medications resources are and who is using them.


July 2022 DonateLife NT

Outcomes from our clients: Enhancing research capability for DonateLife NT

DonateLife NT is the organ and tissue donation agency for the Northern Territory. The DonateLife team comprises medical, nursing and administrative staff who at are located at both Royal Darwin and Alice Springs hospitals. The clinical team offers donation to families of potential organ donors, facilitate the donation process and support families. DonateLife’s aspiration is that all families offered donation are able to make an informed, enduring decision that is right for them. In addition to clinical work, the team undertakes professional and community education and aims to raise awareness about donation and transplantation. Librarians worked with the DonateLife team by providing advanced searching expertise. 

The library was invaluable in guiding the team through literature searches to ensure they were on the right track and the DonateLife team is very grateful.

Through their work, DonateLife NT have sought to improve inclusivity and messaging, especially relating to Aboriginal families and communities. The first step of this process involves better understanding views and attitudes of Aboriginal people towards organ donation, which is the aim of a research project currently being explored. The generous library team has helped guide and support DonateLife NT with this aim from the very early stages, which so far has involved conducting a literature review of First Nations attitudes towards organ donation. The library was invaluable in guiding the team through literature searches to ensure they were on the right track and the DonateLife team is very grateful. So far the research has shown the importance of offering all families the opportunity to donate, regardless of cultural background. From here, DonateLife aim to better understand Aboriginal Territorians’ views and beliefs around organ donation to improve practice, particularly with regards to offering organ donation and providing education.

In addition to this project, four members of the DonateLife NT team have recently undertaken or are undertaking post graduate study. In the course of their studies they have referenced many journal articles and other library publications, obtained support for literature searches and undertaken library training on academic referencing.

  • Lee Wood, Program and Policy Director, has just completed a Graduate Diploma in Health and Human Services Leadership through the University of Tasmania,
  • Shan Cairnes, Clinical Nurse Manager, has just completed a Master of Business Administration through Flinders University,
  • Brooke Eppelstun, Donation Specialist Nurse, has just completed a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing through Flinders University, and;
  • Leigh Hill, Donation Specialist Nurse, is currently undertaking a Master in Public Health and Tropical Medicine through James Cook University.

DonateLife NT are very thankful to all the stellar library staff and recommend getting in touch for work or study related matters.

Finally, it is important to know that the opportunity to be an organ donor is very rare and there are currently 1800 people waiting on transplant waiting lists. If you would like to be an organ donor, please register your decision at or take a screenshot of the QR code below. It is also very important to discuss your wishes with your family and to find out their wishes.


May 2022 - Supporting Nurse Research - Case Study

Best Paper 2020 in the Journal of the Australian College of Perioperative Nursing (ACORN) – Noriko Ogo
Library services would like to highlight and congratulate the recent achievement of RDH Perioperative nurse Noriko Ogo who, in the early stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic, was studying her Master of Clinical Nursing (Perioperative). As part of the course work Noriko submitted an integrative review.

Noriko's lecturer recommended she submit her paper to the Journal of the Australian College of Perioperative Nursing (ACORN) for publication. The paper ‘the effectiveness and compliance of surgical face mask wearing in the operating suite environment: An integrated review’ was subsequently published and Noriko received an award in June 2021 from the Journal as an emerging scholar for the Best Paper 2020. The paper has been downloaded over 4500 times!

Noriko utilised Library Services, liaising with a librarian to learn the essential skill of finding relevant evidence based information, managing references though Endnote, and support in writing a literature review. In addition, accessing literature from the library’s extensive journal collection and resource delivery service, after-hours access to the library and referral to information sources for health statistics have been valuable services provided to Noriko by the library team.

Noriko is graciously humble in her achievement and very appreciative of the assistance given to her by Library Services staff and for the services and resources that have enabled her to achieve her Masters qualification and this award.
Congratulations Noriko!

April 2022 - Professional Development

ICU nurses undertaking Graduate Certificate in Critical Care 

Alice Springs Hospital library recently hosted a number of Intensive Care Unit nurses as they embark on their Graduate Certificate in Critical Care. The students were given a tour of the library's services and learnt how to conduct an advanced search online in order to prepare them for their studies. We wish them all well in their studies and are here to support any research support needs they may have.  

This is the second intake of ICU nurses undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care at ASH and they are well looked after by Nate Sinclair, Acting Clinical Nurse Educator for the Intensive Care Unit. Nate had this to say about the library's involvement in staff education:

March 2022 - Research Tips for Success

Save time, find answers fast and increase your capacity to conduct a project efficiently with NT Health Library ‘Tips for Research Success’

These tips point to library help pages and resources to help get you started on your research journey. Our expert librarians can also provide guidance and streamline how you search, store and use information.

If you would like additional assistance contact us today!

  • Choose a subject
  • Identify gaps
  • Refine your topic

  • Learn to navigate a research database
  • Form a search strategy
  • Find background information

  • Identify information sources
  • Conduct your search
  • Manage Citations

  • Take notes as you read / use highlighters
  • Critically evaluate what you are reading
  • If you use information, keep track of the source

  • Create an outline structure
  • Start writing!
  • Remember to save your work as you go


Click on the above steps  to view helpful guides curated by NT Health Library Services

16/12/2021 - 2021 in Review

Happy New Year to all our clients and NT Health staff!

The new year is the time for us to look back at everything we achieved in 2021; a year filled with uncertainty thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that was certain was the commitment of Library Services staff to continue providing access to high quality, evidence-based resources and clinical decision making tools, along with expert support on everything from research projects to eLearning course development.

Take a look at our 2021 in Review infographic to find out more about what we achieved together in 2021. Just click the image below to view in full.

16/12/2021 - Self-checkout

You can now borrow, renew and return your loans using your mobile device!

A new system has been developed for our unstaffed libraries in East Arnhem and Tennant Creek and is now being rolled out in the Alice Springs, Darwin and Katherine libraries. This system replaces the previous paper based method of recording items being loaned.

Library clients can borrow, renew or return items using their phone by simply scanning the QR codes located in each library.

The library will use information from the new loan system to identify popular titles and make better purchasing decisions to benefit our library clients.

Thank you to clients in the Alice Springs library who have embraced the change!

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