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LIBRARY WEBSITE: Research Ready Checklist


Research Ready Checklist

Check that you are ready to commence an ethics and Research Governance Office (RGO) application for your research project – address any questions where ‘No’ is your answer before commencing your application.

To view a printable version of this checklist please click here


Prior to Ethics application
1.    I am clear about my motivation and objectives for doing research and have support / backing from appropriate delegates / management in my organisation.

I have sought advice from the Research Governance Office.

To gain further advice, see the NT Health Research website.
3.   I have discussed my research question with a Health Librarian and conducted an initial literature search –visit the NT Health Library Research Support web page.
4. I have the time to commit to research.
5. I have adequate funding to complete the research.
6. I have planned when I will carry out the research and have a deadline for completing / reporting the findings.
7. I know who I will be reporting my findings to.
8. I have or can recruit suitably qualified personnel and resourcing to carry out the research at all stages.
9. Where relevant, I have decided who the participants will be.
10. I have decided when to gather data (e.g. all the time, at specific points, during the final session only).
11. Where relevant, all researchers will have or will be able to organise access to the data and/or systems needed to complete the research.
12. I have decided what research methods to use.
13.   I have a clear idea about my consent process and will be able to articulate this in my application to the ethics committee/RGO.
After Ethics approval
14. I have discussed the research with participants and have received signed consent from them.
15. I have set up safe storage for consent and project data in accordance with data protection laws and NT Health policies.
16. I have set aside ample time to analyse my data and write up findings (at least half of the research time).
17. I have decided how to analyse the data (e.g. Excel, SPSS or Stata).
18. I know how I will feedback findings (e.g. via a report, publish in a journal).